Catonsville Arts & Entertainment District 


Supporting the vitality of Catonsville’s “main street”

through art, music, and entertainment 

In 2020 downtown Catonsville was designated by the state of Maryland as Baltimore County’s first Arts & Entertainment District. 


The District is managed by the Baltimore County Arts Guild and steered by the Catonsville Arts & Entertainment Board, a group of Catonsville residents, artists, and business owners. As part of our long-term vision for a thriving Catonsville, we’re developing a brand identity for the District as well as some exciting projects in the area. Goals include strengthening our community, supporting the local economy, and establishing Catonsville as a regional destination.

Why are we creating a brand identity?

A brand identity is part of a toolkit to help us promote and improve the District. Other tools include organizing and promoting cultural activities and enhancing the physical experience of being in the District.


Brands are much more than logos. A good brand captures authentic aspects of a community’s personality, both as we are now and what we aspire to be. This includes our name, our reputation (what we’re known for), our voice (how we communicate), as well as our visual style (what you picture when you think of Catonsville). Like clothing, our brand identity (logo, color palette, typography, etc.) is a recognizable way to distinguish the A&E District.


Your input is important! 

We are asking for community input to help us kick off the project. Your responses along with those from other Catonsville residents, artists and businesses will help shape the brand’s look and feel. Your feedback will also be used to prioritize art, design, and community improvement projects within the District.


Please share your responses via this brief survey (through March 1):



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